Wornout Butterfly

At last i was born as a butterfly as i wished for soo long…
I couldn’t be more merrier…
I cud hear my parents joy,warmness wen I was still a pupa…
They said they are waiting for me to come out…at last i was out in the world……
I cud fly anywhere…I had beautiful wings with soft curves and full of colours..
I loved fun,adventure,explorations,laughter…
Everyone around me was mesmerized by my charm….
I made them all happy.. I always looked higher…wanted to fly higher till i reach and touched d stars…I watched everything with curious eyes…
I wanted to spread joy everywhere as the fireflies sheds light everywhere..
I longed for the fireflies to come to me as my friends…
I always dreamed fireflies showing me light…telling me that there is change of air ahead…..
My parents were proud of me….They say” it was as if watching a bud blossoms to flower…
My brother and sister were so much different from me… They were so much dependent…They needed to be guided everywhere…
But i knew my way..and I saw much beauty around me…

But suddenly the air changes..There were loads of bugs and beetles around as from nowhere…..
Flowers were no longer seen…thorns grew more on the stem than the buds….
My parents’ beautiful wings were thrown away by the wind…They are trying to regrow it…
but Alas!!! It is not the same as before..smile that was pasted before on their lips faded,their wings started losing colour…but they are striving really hard to make things same as before…they are existing now for their dear ones only…
My sister and brother are afraid and is fluttering and flapping their wings…
They don’t know what to do…to which direction should they head to……

All the eyes turned towards me..
They say that only i could find a way..
Every hopes were showered upon me…they expect me to do some kind of magic and spread happiness everywhere as it was before

But nobody is realizing that i am a normal butterfly..
They are not realizing that me too is brittle, fragile and delicate at heart..
They are forgetting that my wings could also be torn..
There are many thorns rising in all my paths…..
Whenever i am trying to fly a little
Higher bugs and beetles stood menacingly in my path…
The fireflies whom i thought to be my friends was actually disguised bugs…fear is engrossing me every minute..that I no longer see any beauty..my wings and eyes lost its charm….I became frightened even in the thought of looking high..forget the stars…..

But I couldn’t lose hope…I can’t let my parents down…i am trying a new path everyday when I finally rises a few meters high….
Something terrible happens and pulls me down…those disguised fireflies are trying to rip me apart..to tear away my wings which has already lost its glossiness and beauty long before….

Still I am trying to find the correct path…to bring back that long lost smile of my parents..to fulfill their desires,hopes but every time I try I am ending up being wounded……a worn-out butterfly….. But I do still dreams of those fireflies who will show me light and listening intently for a voice-‘There is change of air ahead’….
Fireflies do come quick…I am waiting for you all…
i am worn-out n needs d light………..



  1. ashikjohn2010 · June 24, 2015

    ausome lines 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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